Care By Design

I had the opportunity to work for one of the leading cannabis and CBD brands in California under the umbrella of CannaCraft. At Care By Design I had the opportunity to craft numerous UI/UX landing pages, updates to their homepage, wrote the copy for all of their product display pages, and even helped launch their newest line entitled Effects.

UI/UX Copy & Content

Working in coordination with members of the Care By Design leadership team I was able to update the homepage copy and internal pages for their site. I also had the opportunity to launch their newest product line, where I crafted the copy and designed the UI/UX strategy and content for the landing page.

Product Display Page Copy & Content

Not many people know but product display pages, like other product content in the cannabis industry is highly regulated. As a result, every piece of content is reviewed by compliance and regulatory legal counsel before being pushed to production pages. In the case of Care By Design, this review process was already established so I gained further experience producing PDPs in coordination with legal. Visit their shop and click on any individual product to view the copy I crafted. Fun fact: they have 48 products- I was writing product copy for days!

E-Book & Print

Just like my time at Papa & Barkley I had the opportunity to coordinate with the CMO as well as a cannabis PhD scientist to create a long-form cannabis compendium to support sales, brand growth, and educate people about cannabis and CBD as well as Care By Design.